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2019 Christmas Gift Ideas for Women

2019 Christmas Gift Ideas for Women

Tuesday 10th December, 2019

Wondering what to gift for her this Christmas? Here are some gift ideas for women for 2019!

Cozy fires, eggnog, and the delicious wafts of freshly baked cookies…it’s the time to be jolly! But along with all these warm feelings comes the scramble for the perfect gift for the women in your life! You might know that gift cards are a bad idea and are trying to find something that fits her style. Amidst all the new shopping avenues and confusing offers, here is a list of some thoughtful and perfect gifts. These will remind her how special she is this holiday season.

A day at the spa

An appointment to the spa sounds cliché but is always a much-appreciated gift. Along with all the cheer and excitement, holidays can be exhausting and leave you with aches and pains. Gifting your loved one a massage or treatment at the spa ensures that they take care of themselves without excuses. And who doesn’t love washing away their stress with the soothing scents of essential oils? With so many options and price ranges available, rest assured that you will find something to fit your budget.

Fitness packages

If you are choosing a gift for a gym enthusiast, a fitness package is the way to go. Upcoming fitness classes cater to every kind of fitness level and have a mix of fun activities. Aerial yoga, twerk workouts, pole dancing, and so on to name a few. If you find it difficult to pick, select an introductory package that will allow your loved ones to try out different activities and choose the ones they enjoy.

Hair treatments/makeover

No matter what age, her tresses stress every woman. This serves as a perfect opportunity for you to gift her a hair treatment or makeover that she has been longing for. You can find hair salons that accommodate different hair types and hair problems and will set your lady in just the right spirit for the holidays.

Home-made hampers

Hand-made gift hampers do not have to be as daunting as you think. With hundreds of ideas available on social media, all you need to do is to decide the kind of hamper you want to make—coffee, alcohol, movie, knitting, etc. Once you make this choice, you can find the supplies online to fill your hamper with love.

A visit to the gynaecologist

Taking care of all her intimate needs, the women in your life often forget to pay heed to their own gynaecology problems (sexual intimacy concerns, bladder leakage with exercise, etc.). Gift them with a non-surgical based solution with an expert gynaecologist. A great place to start is the Woman360Care clinic located in Newmarket, Ontario. The clinic provides a safe and comfortable environment for women to share their intimate health concerns, be treated in the office, and to be able to find the right solution for a more enjoyable and active lifestyle – “pee free”.

Materialistic gifts might not be of value and appreciation as compare to your concern for her wellbeing. So, time to toss out the gift card and present your loved ones something filled with thoughtful, warm fuzzies.

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